12 Month Warranty

All of our products carry a 12 month limited warranty from the date the product was purchased from the retailer, as shown on the receipt or invoice for the original owner. Please retain your documents for up to 12 months to help serve as proof of original purchase, if any warranty implications arise you will be asked for this information. Warranties cannot be transfered to a third party owner.

     Place of Purchase

Your warranty on all Liquid Cool products are to be maintained by the retailer who you originally purchsed through. If you have a problem within the warranty period detailed above, please get in touch with your retailer for further assistance.

In most cases your retailer will liase with ourselves to decide the best cause of action, depending on the nature of the fault we may replace or repair your product within this period. Any product failiures which happen in the first 45 days will be automatically covered for a 1 for 1 replacement.

If you are having dificulty with one of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch for technical support or further assistance about how you should proceed. Please use our Contact page.

     Your Cover

In most cases your warranty will cover any and all manufacturer defects causing a product to be or become faulty after a length of time during the warranty period.

Your warranty does not cover normal signs of wear, corrosion, damaged O-rings due to improper maintenance, paint damage/abrasions, or damage/breakage due to improper use or maintenance. Your warranty will be void if the product has been tampered with in a way, please contact us before making any such modifications. Your warranty does not cover acidental damange or misuse.

     Limited Liability

Using our equipment requires the user to ensure that all other accessories, i.e. radiators, pumps, hoses, clamps, pumps, etc., are secure and leak free prior to operation. This warranty does not cover damage to the user’s computer and property due to improper installation and/or failure to acknowledge and accordingly act in these circumstances.

In no circumstances will Liquid Cool or any of its proprietary liable for consequential damages or any kind.

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